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If Carlsberg Did Bank Holidays….

We’ve had a very busy few weeks here in Ireland’s oldest city. The sun was splitting the rocks for the bank holiday weekend. The world famous Sproai Festival took over the city, while 20 minutes up the road the legend that is Chaka Khan took to the stage at the first ever ALL TOGETHER NOW festival playing to the 20,000 fans who camped out in Curraghmore House.

Once again the organisers of Sproai have raised the bar with breathtaking street performances, live music on every corner, food stalls, art stalls, and packed entertainment programme that brought the people of Waterford to the streets by their thousands.

By Sunday evening, there was a great buzz in the air as it became apparent that for the first time in quite a few years, the traditional Sproai Parade ( the climax of the festival) would not be a rain soaked event. The Sun shone, the crowds gathered and Waterford showed the world how a bank holiday weekend should be done!

The bank holiday weekend was almost like the swan song for this unbelievable summer. It was the pinnacle to which we’ve been heading since May. The stars aligned to ensure that Summer 2018 would be talked about for years to come, but of course, once you’ve reached the summit there is only one way to go. By Tuesday the clouds had gathered, the breeze along the Quay was no longer a welcome relief to the heat as it brought with it a slight, but noticeable chill and then by Saturday the inevitable happened – the heavens opened, the rain came down and the normal Irish summer had returned.

We’re all sad to see the sun resume its normal summer position (behind the clouds) but we can’t complain, we had a great run of it this year.

Our beaches have been packed, Ice-cream sellers have made their millions and for one weekend in August our little city felt like the most exciting place in the world.